This site can't be reached

(If you see a blank screen, it works!)

I’ve tried on 2 devices, and for each of them, it takes about a minute to load, and the connection gets reset for some reason. The nameservers are set up correctly, and this domain was created more than 2 months ago.

I could reach it within 5 seconds (using vpn + my connection speed), maybe try to visit your website while using vpn?


Good, but now the SSL isn’t working…
And, I didn’t use a VPN. For some reason it decided to work

Works for me, try to visit the link with https.

Yes, I did

If you using Cloudflare Do

Go SSL/TLS > Edge Cerificates > Always Use Https Make sure Like this

Go SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates > Automatic HTTPS Rewrites (Auto set to HTTPS)

Sincerely ,
SuperWebsite :slight_smile:


Oh wait it works


Actually, I haven’t used cloudflare… YET!

I should start adding it now

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Thanks :slight_smile:

It look Like the page doesn’t coded?


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Yes, It’s not coded Lol.

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Whatever it is coded or not, it is for Manu to dedicate, please instead of focusing on side stuff and being off-topic, try to help them to solve their problem if someone else hasn’t yet given solutions.


I helped look above !

Actually, I was giving you a wrong filename. Oops.
Let me give you the root directory

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