This site can't be reached?

So when i try to access my site i just get This site can’t be reached? And i bought the domain from namecheap but i have already talked with them and it is not a problem they can fix and that it is infinityfree’s fault can somebody tell me what might be wrong i bought the domain and set up my account yesterday does it have anything to do with this Screenshot - 31c4a70c76faf7bbfc793be56ca25fd9 - Gyazo please help!

If you are a new user, you have to wait up to 72 hours for your website to start working everywhere. The message is normal, just wait around 72 hours for your website to work everywhere.


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I just clicked on the link in your post and went to your site, see snip below, looks like it’s up, as @akshayan said it could take up to 72 hours, usually it’s not that long.



That is strange since i can’t Screenshot - b7644f8f903dec9032e8325458d28754 - Gyazo

It says both on namecheap and infinityfree that the website is up but i can’t access it

It’s on your end. Try different devices/networks

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Alright so i just tried a vpn and connected it to the US since i am from Norway and it worked but then when i disconnected again and went back to Norway and it didn’t work again how can i fix this?

Please take a look at what i said in my recent reply to @Steve2854

You shd seek help from your ISP since they blocked your access. Only vpn managed to bypass that restriction.

I don’t really know how i should explain it to them

Just tell them what you are currently experiencing. Ask them if it is possible to whitelist your website. Unless you are prepare to wait…

How long would i need to wait?

And since you say “Unless you are prepared to wait” does that mean it will whitelist itself overtime?

You guess is as good as mine…

It is most definitely the ISP since i am from Norway and i connected to a vpn located in Norway and i got into my site so it works everywhere in Norway apart from here

That is why you need to inform your ISP to whitelist your website.

But now the site is down even if i use a vpn to the US and Norway

It says it’s under maintanence if i use a vpn to the US

I can still access your webste. If you want to be sure, wait till the outage is over to confirm is not ISP issue.

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Just sharing the relevant KB article here which goes into a bit more detail than most of the posts here: