This site can’t be reached


i am a satisfied user of infinityfree and everything was smooth on my account but since morning i am unable to visit my website “” though my account is active which i found after login to my client area but i am unable to access control panel too as i am getting the same errror while heading control panel

Error Message

( This site can’t be reached)

Other Information

(i would request you to please resolve it.)

Do you use database? If yes, most likely it’s because the database isn’t working. Currently there’s an issue with iFastNet servers, which affects all databases on InifnityFree sites.


no sir this issue is not related to database as the home directry is filled with static html pages i checked database too for admin folder and everything is right there also i tried deleting admin folder and database too but this error didnt flush not just my website but cpanel is also down

Okay, so most likely the issue you’re experiencing is related to iFastNet’s nameservers, which are currently down. Nothing else you can do besides waiting iFastNet’s servers to be restored.

as a newbie to infinityfree may i know sir how long will it take to i mean this ifastnet server

Unfortunately there’s no ETA at the moment to when the iFastNet servers will be restored.

Likely due to this…

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