This site can’t be reached

My website URL is
Main domain: cgsdbg0m epizy com

What I’m seeing is:
This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

FTP hostname: ftpupload net
Hosting Volume: vol9_4

My website was working fine until this day (or maybe yesterday). Now it wont load.
I have read that people had similar problems and there were problems with hosting volume vol9_1 and vol9_2 and it was fixed, is it similar problem? Or can I do something different than just wait?

Thank you for answering

I’m having the exact same issue. My hosting volume is 9_4. I switched the hosting volume via changing account to a different one but it has the same issue

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The IP you’re on is DDoSed momentarily, I see. Please move the account to another one where the IP is different than yours, and note that this is a shared hosting, that means you share the server resources with others.

Please note that a Hosting Volume is not the same as a server, and only a small part of all possible issues can be attributed to it. I’ve just published an article which explains this in more detail:

But the IP address does appear to be down. I will try to get more information about this and then post an outage notice.

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