This site can’t be reached



The IP address your website is hosted on seems to be nullrouted. There are various reasons why this could happen, but very often it’s caused by a DDoS attack on the particular IP address.

If so, rest assured that iFastNet’s server admins are already hard at work to try and get the websites on the IP address back online as soon as possible.

It worked for a while today, but from 6 or so afternoon it dosen’t work again now it says ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

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I’m also getting the same error .this site can’t be reached it went from 502 bad gateway to this now on my sites also . please fix this asap . I need my websites



502 bad gateway , website can’t be reached

Lost my Slites also also cant log on from control panel so can`t even check if back side of site

yada yada blah bloah same thing

I have just added three domains and now ftp cannot connect nor can I connect via the control panel when going to online file manager.
Connection refused error. Please repair @Admin
Hi @Admin my website is down too. Control panel is working but file manager is down.


I’m getting a timeout error. I’m in US.

O meu também esta com o mesmo problema; Domínio Principal

Meu dominio real é da GoDaddy Brasil esta dando erro 502 gateway ruim, o site não pode ser alcançado, e nem consigo acessar o gerenciador de arquivos.

o meu tbm ta com mesmo erro amigo nao consigo acessa o site nem gerenciamento de arquivos

@EmilyAnn por que apagou a publicação?

I can not access my site

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

We ask InfinityFree to resolve this issue as quickly as possible

Hello,. I am also experiencing error " This site cannot be reached, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN"
I am begging the admin to please fix this as soon as possible.
Thank you…

I cant access my website “404! We couldn’t find that page” Problem from last week with FTP was fixed unfortunately my website is still unreachable. Any suggestions please help.

my website is “”