This site can’t be reached

for some reason after this announcement appeared
’ Ongoing system issues:, FTP and file manager issues’

I can nolonger access my website whenever i enter this to my browser always keep saying this site can’t be reached but I can open the ftp or control pannel of my website at ease. it’s been 2 days down time

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I just checked your website and it’s working fine from here.

@Admin Yes my website: is saying this same thing. Please help. It’s been about a week downtime for me.

Same issue. is not working through India, US, Japan (tried with VPN) , but connects only through Netherlands servers… Peculiar problem and all the staff says is 'I just checked your website and it’s working fine from here.'when its obviously not working for me !!! by the way, your site is working…

It’s also working fine for me.

Your website isn’t working for me, but that is because your domain name does not have any nameservers right now. Please check with your domain registrar whether the domain is still active and is properly configured.

My site is still not working. Please advise. My nameservers are correct, i just checked. The site was working fine till infinityfree started having those problems…

My .ga domain was somehow automatically removed from my Freenom account and now i have re-registered it, pointing it to ns1 and ns2. It connects to cloudflare perfectly normal, but here’s the issue- i get a 521 Server is Down error.

have same issue with


This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.


FTP looks also down Same Problem… Please Tell How To Fix.

@Admin my site is not opening gives error " server not responding"
and “site took too long to respond” it started happening yesterday morning. I have all the nameservers right.

my site not opening …showing the site can’t be reached and neither the File manager is working in the cpanel…its been shut down since two days…please help me open my site

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