This site can’t be reached-took too long to respond

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: This site cant be reached

*Additional information: The above mentioned site using free hosting service of Infinityfree. It was working fine but 1day ago i found that “Error 502 Connection Time out” getting when i opened above site in any browser. solution for this is i found on this forum is due expiry of SSL (cloudflare) then i remove the SSL as well as above site from cloudflare. Now “Error 502 Connection Time out” is gone but “This site can’t be reached-took too long to respond.” i.e. new error is coming. I have also cleared dns cache but nothing worked. kindly request you to please help me for solution on this.
Thanks in advance


Thank you SCHAFFER for reply, my website ip address is which is same as in your image. what can be done now.

Wait for a few days.

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Thank you Soundar, but what is guaranty that after waiting few day does my website will work fine. Is their any confirmation form Infinityfree Admin?

Well,it may also take couple of weeks.

A hacker ddosed a website 3 times and IFASTNET blocked the ip as a security measure.

Let’s hope that they will unblock it soon.

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