This mail reminds me of YouHosting / Hostinger

Well, I think that @Admin or anyone else that used that shady YouHosting can understand me.
I signed up for a MOFH hosting,, and look what I received only 2-3 ours afterwards!

Dear Valued Client,

Hello from and iFastNet !

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Thanks for reading !
First of all its summer!
And secondly, did iFastnet just started doing the same things YouHosting did? Taking clients away?
I don’t know what to say, I just cannot believe that this message just came to me.

I know that when your site gets successful iFastnet sends a message promoting their premium services and saying that Free Hosting may not be enough for you, but what is THIS? This is completely different!

The sender was: sales [email protected]
And I know that [email protected] belongs to iFastnet! This should be called iFastnet sales, not ones!

Anyway, it isn’t that I am not grateful, after all you get what you pay for (nothing!) but as I said my website is not famous, I just created it yesterday and it has no content. This has never happened to me in the past, and I really hope that this was also not sent to any of my clients, because they will think that I am pressurng them to pay and will leave.

In case you are wondering which was the domain that I received when my site was successful:

Dear Valued Customer

We have noticed that your free hosting account epiz_21859783 name hosting the domain names

has became quite successful.

While free hosting accounts are great, we do recommend that successful sites should upgrade to premium hosting before limits are reached of the free hosting account (as this would cause a service disruption).

We would like to invite you to check our premium hosting plans at Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server

Every paid hosting account includes a free domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited file sizes, no daily / monthly CPU limits and are hosted on severs up-to 4 times faster than free hosting!

The price to upgrade your free hosting website to premium starts at only $2.99 per month.

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To place an order for a premium hosting account upgrade, please visit

Best Regards
This one from sales, and it didn’t have the affiliate link, which means that IF would get no commision.
As I said before, I have no problem with emails like this one, where it is sent only if your website becomes too successful and limits are reached, but I can’t explain the previous one.

Since you are subscribed to it.
When you have entered VP and they will tell you if you have to approve that they will send you emails, and actually thier sales emails are just useless for me (my opinion).
And I don’t really care about this honestly.
But if you want to unsubscribe then they provide a unsubscribe link on the emails.
(I haven’t tested yet…)