This is very bad experience

This is the worst hosting I have tried, I have not yet published my site, but my site stops because of the limits of use.
No limits. I just use the site to edit it. No one else uses it.
How do you say that hosting is unlimited. There are limited hosts and my site has never stopped except in very few cases. Here, my site stops every two days.
This experience is bad and will not use this terrible hosting again.
Anyone can do the same thing. It’s just a resale account from ifastnet which is a free service available to everyone. You are not hosting owners to do this.

We don’t? We say we provide hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, we don’t say unlimited server power, unlimited hits or unlimited visitors.

I’m sorry, but what do you mean your website “stops” every few days? I have checked your accounts, they have each only be suspended once over their entire lifetime.

Anyone can become the next Google, Facebook or Amazon. All they need is a couple of billions of dollars worth of money and tens of thousands of people to build it up.

Yes, you can sign up and become a “hosting provider”, but the service you can provide is nowhere near as complete as our service. You can also buy a VPS, a cPanel license and WHMCS and become a hosting provider in half a day. But that doesn’t mean that anyone can become the next Go Daddy or HostGator.

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