This is the worst hosting provider ever

Errors uploading and extracting file, Error to login, Error to deactivate account, Error to delete sub domain, Error in every fucking thing… I cant continue like this

I’m sure that we can help you with many of these issues, but I need you to provide more information than just “error to X” to understand what the issue is.

So if you are looking for help, can you please start by providing more information about at least one of the issues you’ve encountered? Like what are you trying to do? What are you doing to try to get there? What do you see when trying to do so? Can you share any error messages or screenshots of what you see?


I have started using this host and already a few days in my site is down completely. I don’t want to post the domain in here as I don’t want this post to get indexed into google when people search for my domain… But, I feel like I should have stuck to my other free host that I used with one of my other websites in the past. I just thought I would give these people a try since they sounded like a newer company… But so far NOT HAPPY.

I’m sorry that you all feel this way. But I can’t help you if you just come here and complain that things are “error” or “down completely”. I really want to help you, but I need a lot more information than such vague, superficial details.

PLEASE give us the CHANCE to try to help you. Or if you’ve already given up, just go. But please don’t come here to complain in the support forum if you aren’t ready to accept help.


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