This is the third time i've had a problem with this

Website is as always

It’s down and not responding and yes i’ve set the nameservers.
I checked it over and over again and nothings fixed

This is the third time it’s happened and now it’s not easily solved
Slowly losing my sanity here because i don’t know what end is having what issue and it’s ever-so-slowly chipping away at what mental sanctity i have left

Well, you need to poinit domain to and

Obviously you did not do so.

Thanks for pointing out @i_am_epok and

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I swear to all hell i put them in and saved changes like 20 times so if it works this time i’m gonna need you guys to hand over your magical powers

Alright so if for some ungodly reason it’s not pointing to epizy nameservers then it’s freenom throwing a pissy fit and i need to take it up with them. Because clearly they just do not like these nameservers or something
Why this only happens on this domain and not my other one i litteraly could not hope to answer within the decade

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My Freenom domains are working fine with the epizy nameservers. Are you sure you entered them correctly and pressed save?

EDIT: Looks like the nameservers are set up correctly now.

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Freenom can be annoying like that. Unfortunately, there is no good alternative to them.

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