This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


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This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)

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Trying to add as a parked domain but get this error.
Nameservers are pointing to:

Cannot connect to FTP either with as host. Can’t connect to the server. The file manager via cpanel works though but I like to use

Wait… So you cannot add the domain, but you can’t log in to ftp? Are we talking about two different domains/accounts?

Also remember that nameserver changes can take 24 hours, so they may not be ready immediately. The domain checker shows they are working, so please try again. (Unless you already got it working, your two posts do confuse me)

It’s two different problems. Regarding the FTP one, I can access Cpanel control panel and I can access the file manager as I said, but I cannot connect to the FTP server via a different FTP manager like Not that important issue just wanted to know if third-party FTP managers aren’t supported or something (since it’s a premium feature on 000webhost for example).

But yea, I’ve waited over a week, still same error regarding adding the domain.

What domain are you trying to park it on?

As for your ftp, using online solutions is not the best as they don’t upload as fast, and can lead to problems. I recommend using FileZilla ftp.

I’ll try that instead thanks.

I’m trying to park it to

Can you show a screenshot of the error you get? Please screenshot the entire page.

Thanks, Can you send one more of what you see right before that error? (So all of the info is entered, just the “submit” (or whatever it says) has not been clicked yet)

Hm. That’s the weirdest thing. Everything looks set up correctly (as far as I can tell). Nameservers are good, the original domain is not suspended, the new domain is not on an account. I couldn’t find any restrictions on adding a .ga domain as a parked domain (and that domain is defiantly not a sub-domain). I see nothing where IF restricts .ga, or does not recognize it as a TLD.

You got me with this one :grinning:

Hopefully, @Admin can figure out what is going on here (and that I did not miss something obvious)

Thanks for giving me something fun to do today!

lol no problem :smile:

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Out of curiosity,
Will entering “” work?
Also, make sure there is not space before the domain, it’s kind of hard to tell.

Got this error when I added www: Do not include www in your entry.

And no, there’s not spaces

I know the error message is very confusing, but I think the issue is that the domain is already in use on ProFreeHost. Please remove the domain from your account there before you can add it here.


Oh ok, thanks.

My account got suspended on ProFreeHost and with their non-existing support I won’t be able to remove the domain, so I guess I won’t be able to use this one. I thought it was enough to change the nameservers but I guess not.

At least it’s not a problem on your side, thanks for the help!

When it gets unsuspended you should be able to remove it.

I believe is a permanent ban

Yea I’ve pending suspension appeal request that’s not been answered for 3+ months, I meant it when I said their support was non-existing lol

Either they’ve given up on their support or they don’t care about free users, that’s why I moved to this hosting site

Yea, everything I found says to email [email protected]. The support forums are pretty bad as well. I forget if iFastNet owns them or not, but if they do, maybe you could ask them?

If it is a freenom domain, you may be able to delete it, re-perchice it, and set it up again. Not sure if that would work though.