This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)

This is showing when i try to add my domain. i have set nameservers to and

What domain are you trying to add?

That’s why then. That is a subdomain, and just like the error message says, you can’t add a subdomain as an addon domain. Sorry…

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Sorry it isnt a subdomain i use it as a main domain the problem is persisting today only

But the domain system works like this and built like this.
So you can’t add it. But you could create it like this.

  1. Make a domain named
  2. Make a subdomain name fitbeing in the control panel.

You could also create it under custom domains at

I know the error message is a bit vague, but I also see the domain name is already assigned to one of your hosting accounts. If you want to assign it to a different hosting account, you’ll have to remove it from the current account first.


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