They suspended my 5 websites without logical reason

Ok, can you explain to me why 5 websites are suspended at the same time, the only website that I am using is and I think that account was more likely because lately it receives more traffic and things like that, but not the other 4 websites are not known to anyone and they also have no content, I created them for this reason because you feel like suspending websites whenever you want, that’s why I created the other websites / accounts and it turns out that they suspend all of them, ALL! In other words, so that you understand better I created the other 4 websites to have them as a backup if another website was suspended, I never used them because I did not need them, I only used because it is my main website, and 20 minutes ago I received 5 emails at the same time saying that my 5 websites were suspended for abuse or something and I really don’t believe them because they are telling me that all my websites were suspended for the same reason, I don’t know but this is suspicious I think they did it for revenge , because I switched to another hosting.

How did you have 5 accounts in client area in one user account? It is only maximum of 3 accounts. That is suspicious.

Using multiple user accounts isn’t allowed here in which maybe the cause of suspensions of all your accounts. Only 1 person = 1 user account = 3 website accounts.


Why wouldn’t you believe them? Have you tried creating a support ticket if your sites got suspended for abuse to raise a question as to why all of your 5 sites got suspended at the same time?

True and his screenshots does prove that he has more than 3 hosting accounts as all the usernames are unique which mean this should be a violation to the ToS (AFAIK even creating another Client Area account just to evade the 3 Hosting Account limits is a violation as well) but we do not know if that’s really the case of the suspension. Admin can confirm it tho.


From the terms of service;

    Three free hosting accounts are allowed per person. Registering more than three accounts is considered abuse and will result in all accounts being terminated without notice.

Well than that’s probably why all of them were suspended.


Don’t get it wrong, suspension for abuse isn’t taken in hosting account level, but user level, which means if you break a rule in one site, other hosting accounts belong to you will be suspended too until you want them to reactivate for you.

Yet it also suspends deactivated accounts too, if you had deactivated some of them, they’re also reactivated but suspended , you’ll request them to unsuspend then deactivate them again.

but if you had 5 active hosting accounts, It is illegal and violates ToS. But it you had deactivated some (under 3 active accounts) then it is fine and doesn’t violate any ToS rules, again PLEASE SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET


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