These credentials do not match

When logging into my account I get the error: these credentials do not match our records, I try resetting my password and it tells me: this reset token is invalid. What is this, why can’t I access my account? These are the credentials I was using to login all day, saved to my Google account, now suddenly they don’t match.

maybe someone hacked your account!

Pretty quick movers, I just started my account. I don’t see any reason why anyone would want to hack my account, it’s not even set up yet.

When you try to reset your password, does it let you do so, but shows the error when you click the link that it sends to your mail to reset your password.

Try to do it again and reset it instantly.

It should work.

It did work this time, but all the other times, I was also resetting immediately, it gave me the message after I entered my email and new password. Anyway, it’s all fixed now. Thanks

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