There is a critical error on your website

There is a critical error on your website.

Help yourself out:


as a fix but I think it’s a php error

Check your error logs. Let us know if you find something odd

Yes, it is a PHP code error, which is likely caused by a corrupted WordPress installation or plugin.

And just copying a fresh copy of WordPress or the plugin on top of the existing installation is usually the best way to fix it.

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how do I do that? please help

I can’t get into wordpless

please help me, it took me 10 days to get it right. I stayed until 3 am creating

Follow this to get the log: Access and WordPress Error Logs - Kinsta ®. Share the output with us here.

Open htdocs.


You need to edit the existing line with WP_DEBUG, not add a new one.

Also, enabling display_errors can help too. You can enable it through the Alter PHP Config option in the control panel.

I just did, and I saw two version compatibility errors from WordPress, and a PHP error saying your WooCommerce plugin was corrupted.

To fix the corrupted WordPress plugin, please see this article:

To fix the corrupted WordPress installation itself, please do this:


can you get the page that is with my name pedro up in life please. for me and the followers I just want this one, I’m going to delete everything there and start again

No, we are not going to do anything for you.

To restart, just open softaculous, click the “Installations” tab at the top of the screen, then locate WordPress in the list and click the X. Then just reinstall it from softaculous.


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