There has been critical error on this website [Error]

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(There has been critical error on this website)

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Hello I am getting this error every time I visit my site, kindly advise.

What plugins do you have installed?


Nothing new I have some plugins that are automatically updated, when I changed the wp_config as suggested from false to true I see this error,

I’m a newbie in wordpress hopefully I can fix it.

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Class ‘Elementor\Data\V2\Manager’ not found in /home/vol9_8/ Stack trace: #0 /home/vol9_8/ Elementor\Plugin->__construct() #1 /home/vol9_8/ Elementor\Plugin::instance() #2 /home/vol9_8/ require(’/home/vol9_8/ep…’) #3 /home/vol9_8/ include_once(’/home/vol9_8/ep…’) #4 /home/vol9_8/ require_once(’/home/vol9_8/ep…’) #5 /home/vol9_8/ require_once(’/home/vol9_8/ep…’) #6 /home/vol9_8/ require_once(’/home/vol9_8/ep…’) #7 /home/vol9_8/ in /home/vol9_8/ on line 861

Well elementor is causing the issue.

Elementor is not recommended for use on free hosting, since it leads to suspensions faster.

You can login to FTP and locate the WP-plugins folder, then delete the folder titled Elementor.

If you want, you can always reinstall elementor.


Thanks for answering, I don’t understand I am trying to disable and delete Elementor and It’s essential addons but it doesn’t seem to work :confused:

Edit: I will try the provided Solution and give you feedback thanks!

Thank you it worked! however I had to reinstall Elementor because my site was messed up after removal now I can access It but It has this message above the site

Deprecated : Function Elementor\DB::is_built_with_elementor is deprecated since version 3.2.0! Use Plugin::$instance->documents->get( $post_id )->is_built_with_elementor() instead. in /home/vol9_8/ on line 5379

I’m into that FTP function php and on that line should I replace deprecated with this sentence as provided ? “$instance->documents->get( $post_id )->is_built_with_elementor()”

That’s a deprecation message. These are usually safe to ignore, especially for code you did not write yourself. You see these if debug mode is enabled for your website. But if you found the actual crash, you should disable debug mode.


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