There has been a critical error on your website, please check your site administration email for instructions

**My website URL

**What I’m seeing is:There has been a critical error on your website.

**I’m using this software:i am using wordpress

**Additional information:Hello friends, a question what happens is that I had a small problem with the page, I was going to update elementor and it gave me terror that I did not want to update, and now it seems to me There has been a critical error on your website. Well, what I want to know is that I was investigating and even watch a few videos on youtube that the wordpress sends you a document that appears with the instructions and the link of what is going to be done, well what is left is one about the link and enters in recovery mode to recover the page or do what you can and well the document that sends me wordpress does not reach me by email, I have two pages in an infinity free account and nothing does not get me any email, really If you can help me where it is that those emails that do not arrive with the email that will have the infinity account arrive, or where I can find it to see what I can solve with the page, since I dedicate time to see what could be done, I am using the free hosting, anything if you can fix me I appreciate it in advance, thanks


try disable plugins…

please use FTP and temporarily rename folders plugins (add X at the end)
then try to enter the dashboard
and then return the folder names and remove the problematic plugins

or just rename the wp-content/plugins/ nameOfBadPluginHere- rename me


My reply is regarding the Elementor update only, I also had problems with updates failing for that plugin on a WordPress website. @Ergastolator1 helped resolve that problem, see the link below for the solution.

As to the email problem, follow @Oxy instructions, rename is the easiest, if the renamed items aren’t the problem It’s very easy to undo the rename action.

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Hello, very kind, you will not have by chance a video of how to do it, thanks

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