There are some sites that offer a free domain for the first year

Will these domains be faster to archive and appear in search engines than the ones I get for free from infinityfree?

A free TLD domain, or a free subdomain? There are not many services left that actually provide free domains since Freenom shut down.


Here are several sites that offer free domains for the first year:

I’m talking about the site:

Those are not free domain names. It’s a promotion from another reseller with an affiliate link tacked on top. You still have to pay for them later on.

But yes, top level domains like .xyz are a bit easier to get ranked well, but you still need to put the work in yourself, it does not magically fix ranking problems.


What I do know is that it’s free for the first year, but I’ll check it out.
I’m not talking about rankings, I’m just talking about being visible in search engines. The support team told me that it can take up to months for a site to appear in a search engine with infinityfree hosting

That’s why I’m looking for an alternative

That’s the same everywhere, no matter what your domain is or who you host it with. That’s how google works.

Buying a custom domain name may help a little bit in the long term, but it’s not going to speed up the process a lot.


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