Themes and Plugins you recommend and don't recommend

Recommended Themes:

  • Kadence (the most customizable)
  • OceanWP (best ecommerce)
  • GeneratePress (fastest).

Recommended Plugins:

  • Litespeed Cache. Now you may be wondering why Litespeed Cache when Infinityfree doesn’t use Litespeed servers. Well I love it because it works the best for me (I think W3 Total Cache makes my Admin panel slower and WP Fastest Cache and WP Super Cache just don’t work as well) plus it is an All in One image optimization, cache, and minification plugin. I also like that the fact that they offer a CDN with HTTP/2, HTTP/3, and QUIC (which serves your images as WebP).

  • Updraft Plus. There is nothing really else to say, its just an awesome plugin for backups. Just make sure you don’t run it too often (once a week is good enough) or else CPU usage can go over the roof.

  • Rank Math SEO. I love RMS (I don’t know if that is a real abbreviation but I’m just going to call it that) because it is fast, easy to use (Yoast can be a little cluttered and outdated), and provides google analytics automatically. It is just in my opinion the best SEO plugin.

  • Kadence Blocks. Now if you already use Elementor or Divi or Beaver Builder then just skip this. However if you use Gutenburg or planning to switch to Gutenburg, then you have got to use Kadence Blocks. It offers additional functionality to your Gutenburg editor like Sections (called Rows), contact forms, and posts. There are also premade templates to choose from.

  • Asset Cleanup. Now there are so many good things about that plugin that I can’t fit into this post. Look here for more details: Asset Cleanup and other tips to reduce CPU load

  • Optimole Image Optimizer. If you don’t use Litespeed cache, you can use Optimole to optimize your images. See here for more details: Asset Cleanup and other tips to reduce CPU load

  • Ithemes Security. It provides a generous number of features (hide backend, firewall, login security) but still loads fast.

Themes I don’t Recommend:

I don’t really have one. If you do just reply to this.

Plugins I don’t recommend:

  • Wordfence. Unless you are the CEO of a big corporation, you don’t need Wordfence. It does have a lot of features, but it just loads REALLLY SLOWWW and uses up your CPU. Ithemes Security is in my opinion a better option.

  • Contact Form 7. It is the most popular plugin, however it is notorious for adding useless scripts to your site. Just use WPForms or Kadence Blocks Forms (if you are on Gutenburg).

  • Imagify. If you want image optimization, then go with Smush,, EWWW, or (my personal favorite) Optimole. Imagify is just really limiting and isn’t the best at optimizing images.

If you have any suggestions, just reply below.

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These are overall good suggestions.

It’s a pretty useless plugin if the whole installation is corrupted.

I prefer WP-Optimize, any thoughts on that?

Overall, great suggestions!


WP-Optimize is amazing. However Litespeed cache is an all in one image optimizer, cache, and minification that is why I prefer it.

You can actually restore it manually. It isn’t too hard:

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I usually use the plugin that has the most positive rating for a specific keyword. Works for me.

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Don’t use this unless you want your account to be suspended every day for hitting IO limits.

Most people don’t hit the IO limits, but those who do, almost all of them have a backup plugin running. And they get suspended over and over again until they disable the backup plugin.

Does this even work on our hosting? I would guess the browser validation system would prevent this from working.

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Nevermind, I haven’t tried ManageWP on infinityfree because I didn’t need it. I will remove it.

If your going to make a topic on the best and worst plugins on InfinityFree, I hope you actually tested said plugins on InfinityFree. Otherwise this is as good as the 1000+ online guides on this exact topic.

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