ThemeGrill demo importer don,t working

i downloaded themegrill demo on my wordpress and when i am go to appearance and click to demo importer nothing will appearance in the screen ,any solution please
thank you

Best guess is this theme does not work well on free hosting.
Try other theme?


Contact ThemeGrill? It’s their software that’s not working. The malfunction may be caused by a hosting issue, but there is no way to tell if that’s the case, let alone what the issue is, when the software is just returning a blank page.


nice one sir but i want to say it,s work with other free hosting like (000webhost)
and i guess that the server provider has blocked github where the demo configs are located.
and aslo that,s what i seen when i contact the zakra website

thank you for helping admin but there is no problem with themegrill software she work well but probably the problem is the github is not in the whitelist of the hosting


We don’t block GitHub. Whatever the reason is ThemeGrill doesn’t work, we’re not actively blocking anything.

Also, software working on one hosting provider but not on another doesn’t mean the software is working well. Software that only works half of the time is not good software.

And finally, I clearly stated that it might be a hosting issue, but I don’t have enough information to tell if that’s the case or what the issue is. “but it works somewhere else” doesn’t tell me why it’s not working here.


to tell you why it’s not working here,honestly i don’t have any idea

however i will try to do my best for helping to find solution or the reason why

finally thank you all of you for help


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