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I have installed colormag theme, this theme required a Themegrill demo importer I installed it but the demo importer is not loading. I talked plugin support team they said your hosting provider has blocked the GitHub domain and subdomain.So, please put the GitHub domain and its subdomain on the white list.

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I have tried the same theme and plugin on another hosting platform(000webhost) it’s working there.
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Most likely due to this

Likely cannot be done

Odd, I don’t think we’re blocking GitHub on our servers. GitHub is commonly used for content distribution, and while we do block access to some sites, these are mostly social networks that are accessed by spammers. So I can’t imagine why GitHub would be blocked too.

The security system @KangJL referred to is also not relevant I think. I think your plugin just needs to download stuff from GitHub, and there is no connection needed from GitHub to your site, so that security system doesn’t affect this issue.

Could you try enabling WP_DEBUG mode, or checking the Javascript error console, to see if there is any more information to be gotten?

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