I have uploaded new files into my site and all am gettting is either “” this error “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”. What could be the problem?

The other question is:Can you rename htdocs into a different folder name and still use it effectively?Am asking that because it could be related to the error.

Can you please provide site link?

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That error message is because you are trying to load your site over HTTPS and you don’t have an SSL certificate.

And no, you cannot rename the htdocs folder without breaking everything, and no, that is not at all related to the error.


The server will look for your website files in the folder with the name htdocs. The folder name is what makes the server use it, there isn’t some kind of hidden parameter attached to the specific instance of the folder. So if you rename the folder, then the server will not be able to find a folder called htdocs, and your website will show a 404 error.

So if you already renamed the folder, please rename it back to htdocs fix the 404 error.


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