The zip online decompression/compression of the online filer cannot be used

The zip online decompression/compression of the online filer cannot be used.

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So… what’s the purpose of your post?

If you need help with something, please explain what you need help with. If you want to report an issue, please explain what the issue is. In case of the latter, reproduction steps would be best, but you can leave out details that are probably irrelevant.

Simply saying “feature X is broken” doesn’t help us help you.


I was able to reproduce the issue by trying out the following in my account (epiz_26217360), subdirectory

  1. Using the “Upload Zip” option, and then selecting “Upload and Unzip”. It always got stuck at 50%, which isn’t a connection issue as my connection’s speed ican be seen in the results of Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test, and the file was uploaded normally using the regular Upload option, so there’s definitely something wrong with the unzip functionality.

  2. I further confirmed this by clicking on my ZIP file and selecting the “Extract” option, which did nothing. I attempted a refresh, logging out and in again, but to no avail.

  3. I then attempted to use the “Create Zip Archive” option on the ZIP file, which gave me the exact error @html5syt encountered. Thinking it was because I tried zipping a ZIP file, I uploaded an image (1x1.png) and attempted to use the same option on the image, which again gave me the same issue.

All in all, I believe it’s safe to assume Monsta’s ZIP handling seems to be broken.


I think that issue has existed for about a year. I bypassed that issue by using PHP for unzipping files at that time as far as I remember, I shared that script before on this forum.

Here is the link to that post: Too long uploading files to hosting and constant disconnection - #6 by MAHOfficial


You can read the post on the third floor, which is the same as mine

The post quoted below might help you to extract your zip file.


I want to ask how do I compress files on the server?

Also, can this script withstand a compressed package containing about 10000 files?

It’s good and It works!

We don’t really support archives here because of the server power needed to compress and uncompress them. Please use your local machine to do that.


Everything depends on the complexity of the task…
Any PHP process that takes too long will be killed by the server,
which means if you have a hundred or more files in the zip and it takes too long - PHP exec limit will be activated.

That’s why we always emphasize to people to unpack the files on the local computer and then upload them.

Also, even if the process succeeds, it is possible that it will be partially unpacked, which still causes problems later, because the code will break due to the lack of all files when it encounters the non-existence of a certain file, etc.


No, it’s the file manager, not your connection.

The issue is that it’s extremely hard to do a better job. FTP itself does not support creating or extracting files on the server, so the file manager has no option but to download the archive, extract it on the file manager server and upload the files inside one by one.

So if you say “but I want to use the file manager because uploading thousands of files take too long”, remember that the file manager has to do the exact same thing. And whereas on your own computer you can use FileZilla, which is very performant C++ code, the file manager is a PHP script, which can’t achieve anywhere near the same processing speeds.

The PHP unzip script works a lot better despite it being PHP because it only needs to the ZIP extracting (which is a system module), not having to take every resulting file and uploading them one by one over FTP.


In fact, we can compress folders by dividing them into groups of 150 files, then upload and decompress them using PHP scripts, and then merge them in the online file manager (the basic functions such as copying, pasting, and cutting of the online file manager are much faster than direct upload) (5.4 KB)
I found a good PHP code, which can realize decompression / compression. I tested that it only takes about 15 seconds to decompress a compressed package containing 5017 files, and the decompression is complete. So is the compression function. I have made comments in both Chinese and English. Just change $zip and $dir to your zip file name / directory to work normally. You can try!
Note: please remove the.Txt extension and decompress it for use.

I am confused as to why you need this script. You can’t upload zip files to the server, and your local computer can unzip and zip files already.


Isn’t it possible to upload zip? (others’ pictures are quoted here) in addition, if I directly upload 10000 files, it will take me 6 hours, compared with about 15 minutes to complete the task using two zip files.

Because of abuse in the past, we don’t really support zip files, so there is a large chance that the server will automatically delete them.

Use FileZilla, not the online file manager.


It should be as long as you remain within the 10 MB limit.

However, note that this limit may be enforced as, say, 1000000 kB, which is slightly less than 10 MiB. So if a 9 MB archive gets deleted, you may want to try it

Depending on the latency and the quality of the connection, uploading 10k files may take that long.

Well, it’s been over two days since you posted this topic and I’m not sure if you have been able to upload the files successfully.

Assuming you’ve done some investigation beforehand and it may take a bit more time for the issue to be finished, it took you three days to upload the files the “fast” way.

Uploading the files with FileZilla from the start would have saved you a lot of time. 6 hours is less than 72 hours.


Before I found this method, I used coreFTP to upload files all the time (it seems that my country cannot access filezila’s official website, coreFTP is also what I saw from cpanel), and it took me about 6 hours to upload using it (I used to upload using my own computer while I was sleeping).
I successfully uploaded the file just half an hour ago using the php script method mentioned above. It only took 5-8 minutes, which is less time than I estimated, and I didn’t need to save a copy of the zip file on the server after the upload. I am now continuing to configure my website and it is working properly.
(I can tell you that the folder I uploaded is the vendor folder generated by php composer. It is really quite big. Now I try to compress it to more than 8000 files.)

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I found a demo link of the advanced panel in my cPanel. I found another file manager. It should not be based on FTP, but also has zip decompression / compression function. Is this unique to the advanced version?