Recently I needed to set up a Wordpress Multiblog, but I ran into some problems.
A new site on the subdomain * is created, but does not work. The Wordpress Codex specifies that it is necessary to modify some files (for example, https.conf), which I do not have access to.
I have a suspicion that it will not work out a Multiblog in a free hosting tariff. If I’m wrong, how can this be done? Thank you in advance!

P.S.: I’m sorry for the possible curve translation of Google Translate :cry:

WordPress multisite will not work on free hosting, especially if you want to use subdomains (subdirectories might work). As you suspected, the configuration files you need to edit are hidden inside the servers and you cannot edit them yourselves (since that’s where we create the accounts for people).

However, you can create wildcard subdomains on premium hosting, so you may wish to consider to upgrade your account.

Thank you! :expressionless: :confused: :frowning: