The word BANK as in small Hill is banned?


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Hi. My site gets suspended because in it is the word BANK.
I am told that banking is not allowed which I appreciate, but BANK in the context of a hill with a view?

Anyone have similar issues with a keyword and how did you get round it?
Enclose it in Quotes or put a hard space in it?

Any help would be appriciated.



I am afraid you should not use the word Bank, since I believe the suspension is done automatically.

Please open a ticket to discuss with the staff members.


Banking related sites, as in the financial service provider, are not allowed on our hosting due to a high risk of fraud. It’s possible that the word “bank” itself just triggers a red flag, even if that’s in the context of the bank of a river, for example.

Please understand that free hosting gets abused a lot and that we are sometimes required to implement drastic measures to prevent that. In some cases, that means we cannot host legitimate sites, simply because they trigger our abuse filters, and because it’s not feasible to make an exception in those filters for your site.

So it’s not like we have a quarrel with certain geographical features, it’s just that it’s not feasible for us to host such content without it being suspended repeatedly.


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