The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page

( or Website URL:

error # 403 Forbidden (The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page.)

I am a beginner and made the above website in wordpress. With I can access my website easily but with my own registered I cannot and keep receiving above error. My domain is configured correctly and connected to hosting.
Please let me know how I should fix this issue. As I told I am a beginner and do not have a experience in coding and so on.

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How did you add that domain?
Use Addon Domain or Parked Domain?
For same content site,I recommend Parked Domain.

addon domain as was instructed in help. My domain is registered by namecheap and I changed name servers accordingly

Have you understand this concept: ?

If you added your other domain via Addon Domain,each domains have their own folder.
If you don’t wanna like that,you have to use Parked Domain.
Check your Addon Domain menu again. Is the Document Root/folder for that domain even exist? Or has it been assigned correctly?

How did you enter the image with the arrows to scroll ? Is this a ‘post’ feature ? I only tried the pages on WP, not posts.

I cannot understand your question completely but if you speak about the content of my website then it is autoblog and all facilities inside it is from WP theme. I used a plugin to automatically post content into my blog

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Sorry but I do not know anything about these procedures. I was inside the control panel of my website and as per about instruction I connected my domain to it. If it is incorrect, then instruction has not been clear. If is hard for me to understand and follow your instruction. Can you do it on behalf me? please…

Ok. I deleted the addon domain and used parked domain . Now everything is working good. Thanks for your help. No more issue.

Which plugin did you use for posting the blog/posts? I am thinking of trying one myself.

Also which plugin to you use to create the up arrow to take you back to top of page ?

I like how it appears:)) mine is fixed when i try.

I used WP automatic plugin- its free version- and set it up to get the contents of my website from feeds and post them automatically. You will be able to find some videos on youtube to show how to set it up.
that arrow I believe is related to the theme that I used. Mine is Newsport theme.

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