The support no longer answers me


I no longer have access to my account and the support no longer answers me…
I was told it was suspended, so I created a ticket. I was told that “in 10 minutes I will have access to my account” but it’s been almost an hour and I still don’t have access

FYI, it can take upto 4-8 hrs for your account to be reactivated and shown accross the web …


I can show my website on the web but i don’t have acces to my folder and control panel

Hmm, maybe reply back to the ticket?

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i’ve reply but the support don’t reply since 1h :confused: ( I have restarted several times but it does not respond… )

They might be on a lunch break, since its 2 PM in UK.

okay tysm !


Hey ( already … )

The support say me in my ticket to do a post here for get help.

So let me explain: I see my account suspended and I no longer have access to it, but the site is online, what should I do?

  1. Don’t create multiple topics. You already have created one.
  2. Please wait for an reply from admin.

I don’t think this really has anything to do with a lunch break (And unrelated, but who eats lunch at 2PM)?

I would love to check this out for you, but I need your domain name in order to that. Can you share it?


It seems your account was reactivated on the hosting platform (which is why your website works), but the status was not updated correctly in the client area.

I manually forced a sync for your account now, and started a full check for all accounts in case there were more accounts that suffered from this.


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