The subdomain is not in the correct format

Bonsoir à vous tous et vous toutes

The subdomain is not in the correct format. A subdomain can contain letters, numbers, and dashes, but cannot start or end with a dash.

What is the subdomain name you’re trying to add?


Prix local-Samana contact

If you are trying to add, someone else already claimed that subdomain. Also note that subdomains can only be lowercase alphanumeric characters (including dashes), cannot start or end with a dash, and must be greater than or equal to two characters.

Additionally, please type in English or use a translator, as we have told you numerous times.


I try this (local prices-samana tours) it doesn’t work either

(Sub)Domain names CANNOT contain spaces. Spaces are not alphanumeric characters or dashes. If you had read what I wrote earlier, you would have seen this.


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