The sub-domain is noy changing to custom domain

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)]

i changed my sub domain to custom domain, after i did that the domain hasn’t changed yet

Have you tried clearing your cache?


What do you mean by changing the domain? You can’t strictly change domain names on our hosting, you can only add or remove them. So I don’t know what you did or are trying to do.

What are you trying to achieve, and what did you to to make that work?


i am using a subdomain on my site, but now i want to use my own custom domain.
i added my custom domain from cpanel (add-on domains) after which i tried to copy htdocs file to domain name file but when i try to paste it says an error occurred

Are you using FileZilla? Sometimes the online file manager does not work properly with large file transfers.

Also, make sure you take a backup first just in case anything goes wrong (Download the files to your computer and store them somewhere safe).


Please try moving the files instead of copying them. Moving the file can be done entirely on the server, but copying it involves downloading and re-uploading every single file, which will likely break the file manager.


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