The site is not loading!

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Error Message

The page doesnt load " This site can’t be reached took too long to respond."

Other Information

Checked Name servers and they are set correctly.
Checked control panel, all files are there in proper directory
Checked status on infinity and it says ‘active’

Working fine for me


Here in India it is not loading. What could be the reason?

When I am using VPN, the site loads but not without VPN.

Sorry but can you please heip.
When I am choosing country as USA or Germany through VPN, the site loads fine but moment I disable/disconnect VPN the site is not loading in India.

Probably it is your browser’s Cache. Try clearing it by following this guide:

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Maybe its blocked by your country? Try hard refresh ctrl+f5

I am from India. And your site is working fine. Clear the browser cache. Restart your router and check again.


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