The site does not work after Temporarily Suspended


The site does not work after Temporarily Suspended

I am literally having the same problem. I did my punishment. My account status has changed back to “active.” Yet, my site is still redirecting to to upgrade hosting plan. What’s the deal? My website still displays a “suspended” message also. My IN dashboard says “active” though. This is confusing.

Hum, why not give your website so that we can check. It is not a password to be hidden.

Well yeah, it redirects to suspended domain, we have to wait for Admin

i am having the same issue and i am not able to switch domains wich is the worst part

Please wait for Admin.


Same thing happening for me too. Domain:

I have the same problem and it takes 3 days, I need to work on my page I can’t begin another time, please help

This seems like a global issue, please wait until Admin comes online


This was an issue caused by a technical problem at iFastNet. The issue has been addressed already and the system is currently restoring the affected websites. Within a few hours, all websites on active accounts should be back up again.


now nothing has changed.мi deleted the domain in cpanel but nothing changed, i reacted the account,but nothing changed, i canceled the domain and took it again, the error is the same!

To repeat my previous message:

Added emphasis to the important part. “within a few hours” is not “right now”. Please have patience while the systems are synchronizing.


Check screenshot , please .

I’m sorry, but have you even read anything I’ve written here? Or are you just going to keep posting until the site is back online and ignore anything anyone writes here?

I believe I have sufficiently helped you, but I can’t help you if you completely ignore my messages.

Okay. account activated 27.12.2020 20:11, NOW
28.12.2020 18:01 and site the site is still not active. not activeted. Thank you for helping. I’m just changing hosting.

is it not active on client area?

Site active in client area.

Now I have put another domain on another account. The problem is the same.

Still as Admin said it is an issue that’s going to be fixed soon, feel free to shift to another hosting but please don’t blame us for thinking that we do not understand your problem.


I understand. Thanks all for helping.

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