the site does not open

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An index.php file from another website was found

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I’m a beginner. 2024.04.01 I was able to transfer the local site. The site started working, I set up the main first page. Not given, I received a letter that the ssl certificate needs to be renewed by 06.30. I wanted to go to the site but the site does not open. I ran the certificate renewal and the site still does not open.
I get the error “An index.php file from another website was found”
I also can’t access the file manager. What can I do? Help please!

your site seems to be trying to load things from some Russian site , this will not work on free hosting

do you have another site with that name ?

when you login at and click on domains does it show in the list ?


here is the name of the site

I know the name tizibiztoys,
Perhaps it was registered somewhere on the local WP that I uploaded to your hosting. But I didn’t have a problem with it. I completely controlled the site
and set it up. Everything worked. I was glad that I managed to do it.
I was also missing the MySQL Connection Details database.
I created a new WordPress database and after that 2 databases appeared. I don’t really understand shit anyway, such mysteries still arise.

when I view the source code of the page its linking things like css files from the site which is another infinityfree free subdomain and this is going to fail because hotlinking files on free hosting is disabled

so your site is not going to be able to load any of the style sheets or resources contained within them

you need to fix your wp


Thank you for trying to help. I think I’ll transfer the local backup that I made to localhost. There is no chance of fixing anything. I’ll start again. What would be the best way to erase everything and do it again?

but how could this happen when everything worked and does not connect to any bad tizibizi

the only thing I can think of is somehow the browser is serving the files from its cache and not the actual website

try clearing your browser cache and then test the local version again to see if it fails

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oh and the quickest way to delete the site would be to delete the htdocs directory and then create a new htdocs

and just use the delete database button from your dash

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Why do you think I can’t connect via Total Commander via FTP? Then there are folders that were changed on June 09. I didn’t login that day 100%
I understand that admins must serve clients who pay for services and I know that this is a free opportunity and I have absolutely no complaints, I just want to understand what happened and what I did wrong. I can still understand that the site settings have gone wrong (I configured something crookedly), but why is there no access to It turns out that the entire wp engine is broken. I’m confused

Please proved ftp logs


Thank you, I connected via ftp. It remains to understand why the files were changed and why there is no access to the wp admin panel

This is expected.
Please read


An automatic update of WordPress perhaps?

If you transfer a WordPress site to a different domain, then you also need to update the website URL in WordPress’ settings. Right now, just redirects to, which no longer exists.

If you want to start over, you can. But changing the website URL is not difficult, and should be much easier than starting from scratch.


Please tell me, how can change the website URL. I searched but since wp admin is not available, I found an option with a script. Is it through this to do?

Using this I was able to log into the wp admin area. (added to wp_config)

define(‘WP_HOME’ , ‘’); define(‘WP_SITEURL’ , ‘’); define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, false); if (strpos($_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO’], ‘https’) === false) { $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]=‘off’; }

The site is opened according to the default template. There is nothing left of the downloaded and configured site.
Zero. And the most interesting thing (for me, of course) is that the site is not at all what I uploaded.

I found 2 entries in wpao_options in phpMySql that referred to tizibizitoys. But this is not why the site crashed. Something was updated on June 9, and these changes erased my database because they were not there yesterday.
What should I do to prevent this from happening again? Buy Pro? )

Websites generally don’t disappear on their own. And I’m not aware of any hosting issues that could have anything to do with this.

Are you sure you successfully transferred your entire website from your local backup to your hosting account? Because it seems like the database hasn’t been transferred at all.

Please make sure to transfer your files and your database when migrating your website:

And please note that if you install a site with Softaculous, you get a completely new, empty site. So if you’re looking to migrate an existing website in, you probably don’t want to install a new site with Softaculous.

Premium hosting does include free migration assistance and one-on-one customer support. But premium staff doesn’t have access to your local computer, so they can’t migrate your website from your own computer to your hosting account either. The only thing they can do is basically tell you what I just told you.


I installed wp from Wistapanel. Then I loaded the site using all in one wp migration. Everything worked perfectly from the hosting side. I configured the display of the first page for different devices. And everything worked great. I needed content and left the site for a while. Yesterday I received a letter that I will need to renew my ssl certificate. I went to, updated it and decided to open the site. And I was very surprised. I do everything according to the instructions, I don’t have enough knowledge yet, but I noticed that there is nothing in MySQL Databases for if0_3628… I read on one forum that create a new one with the same name. I created WordPress and two databases appeared

Guys! I’m already tired of myself, and probably you are too. I know miracles happen to those who don’t know anything, for me they are miracles.

I checked the databases before my last message. The wordpress database is completely empty. The wp919 database seems like an empty WordPress database created by Softaculous.

Note that we do not recommend the use of migration plugins, they tend to be quite fragile and unreliable in our experience. It seems to me like your website may be yet another case in the list of situation where they didn’t work.

Please consider to delete the current WordPress installation and instead migrate your website using our guide, so without any migration plugins.


Thank you for your help and your work!