The Server name email has been deleted .. cant find the server name

my website is not opening it is parked on sedo domain parking… for that i am need to change name server in my godaddy acc. i want the server info again

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

For me it’s working (with an SSL error, but if I skip it, it works), but you didn’t compile the template correctly, and replaced the dot with a comma on the website URL (the hostname techeenews should be accessible only from the local network with the PC name like the hostname). You need to clear the cache and cookies, or use

what it is showing using sll This site can’t be reached???
and without it showing ads right??

With SSL is showing this screenshot:

that shows an error (translated from Italian):

The connection is not private
The malintentioned users could try to understand [in the picture it was misspelled as carpire] your informations from (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards). More informations

When I skip it by clicking on “Avanzate” (Advanced) and “Procedi” (Proceed) it shows the actual site.
When I try to access it without SSL, it redirects to the SSL version, and with incognito mode it shows the same error as before.

EDIT: Before it redirects to You now moved the domain to another account, or added as an Addon Domain, and… skip to EDIT 2.

EDIT 2: …now it shows the Directory Listing. Install WordPress and some caching plugins to optimize the traffic and the file size of the files that the browser loads with WordPress.

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