The server Is probably offline | Error

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The server Is probably offline

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I tried to add site kit to my site but when I try to configure it i got the error “The server Is probably offline” what can I do?

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Working to me

Restriction due to this?


Also to me is working BUT i got what error

I got “Internal Server Error, you are probably offline”. How is possible if i can visit the site and use other features?

How about fixing this issue first?


Maybe it is the cause of your error?


What? I don’t have idea at how can fix it i tink i will migrate my site to another infinityfree account

How can i fix this?

Use Really Simple SSL plugin?

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No, cloudflare SSL

To redirect http to https, add the following to the top of the .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

Note: I already added your domain, so just copy as it is! :grinning:

What she meant was, you can use that plugin in WP to redirect http traffic to https

  • In the SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates tab, the setting “Always Use HTTPS” is set to On.
  • In the SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates tab, the setting “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” is set to On.
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I deactivated the account. I will create another one. Always thanks for the help

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Um, you will still have the same error if you set it up the same way. Avoiding problems is no way to make them go away.


Do not use Automatic HTTPS Rewrites. It tends to cause a lot of weird issues and breakages.

Instead, you should follow this guide to setup Flexible SSL with WordPress:

Or you can set Cloudflare to “Full” SSL, get a Self Signed certificate from us and install that to your website.


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