The server could not be found when opening my website


When going on to the subdomain of my website, it will not load the page and says the server is not found. This is happening to everybody who visits my website, and I do not know why. The actual domain ( still works and functions, but the subdomain doesn’t.

Error Message: This page could not be opened because the server could not be found.

Anyone know why this is happening. Thanks.

Have you created the subdomain on the control panel? How are you using this subdomain?

It was working for a dat, then it stopped working. It still has all my files on it

Any A record?

Is it still found in the control panel under “subdomains”?

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Normally, to add a subdomain, all you need to do is add it through the Subdomains section and it works.

But you’re using Cloudflare’s nameservers, which means you’re managing your DNS records yourself. This means you also need to manually add DNS records for any subdomain.

If you don’t want to do that, then please consider using our nameservers again, because those are automatically configured by us.

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I have changed the nameservers back, I am gonna see what happens. Thanks for the advice, (hopefully it works)

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