The selected custom domain is already in use on

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The selected custom domain is already in use on If this is your custom domain, please remove it from any other accounts first.

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I don’t remember my domain being on any hosters yet. Or if I did have one on a host, I don’t remember the info.

I see this:

If the domain is not on any of your InfinityFree accounts, you’ll have to wait for Admin to let you know how to proceed.


If your domain is already attached to an active hosting account at another reseller host (or Byet) you’ll have to get in touch with them. Or alternatively let that old account expire. Just like on InfinityFree it would be deactivated after 30 days of no visitors.


The problem is that the site always gets some traffic. Literally in the last 30 minutes I have already gotten 20 requests. Most of them are coming from the US and some other countries. I haven’t signed it up for Google’s indexing or anything like that but no matter what, the website always gets a tiny bit of bot traffic just enough to prevent the 30 day inactivity period from triggering. I do remember having this site hosted on InfinityFree but I forgot the email and kinda moved on.

That’s odd, because I checked the particular profile, and I see someone logged in to it today, from the same IP address as you logged in from.

So either you are still able to access the account and just didn’t notice which profile has this domain, or someone else in your house does.

One other thing you could do is change the nameservers to point the domain away from our hosting. That should prevent any further traffic from hitting your account.


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