The screen stays white

If you really believe this comes from infinityfree and not your site, then test it out locally with Laragon. Install it from their website, start all services, and copy your site files to a folder with the name of your choice in C:\laragon\www then go to your browser type in foldername.test. If the error is still there then it is the Wordpress installation error and not infinityfree’s fault.


A good method of troubleshooting is to rename the plugins folder to plugins-old and themes folder to themes-old and then going to your site again. If it is active then install each plugin individually to see which plugin is causing the issue

I’ve been doing it since the first day and it doesn’t work. before Yes! but in this moment, no! Now I receive this message and the security lock is gone, where the SSl is active Hum, nous ne parvenons pas à trouver ce site.

mm, we can’t find this site.

Unable to connect to the server at

If the entered address was correct, you can:

 Try again later
 Please check your network connection
 Check that Firefox has permission to access the web (your connection could be effective, but protected by a firewall)

Likely due to this

In the meantime, can you do this?


I can’t access my wordpress account cause to problems with the files

Username epiz_31881895

Website IP

can you help me please ?



Create a new .htaccess file in your htdocs

directory (or directory)

to add your own rules or override these rules.


DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm index2.html

ErrorDocument 403
ErrorDocument 404
ErrorDocument 500

Help yourself by doing these actions

Multiple posting will not help.
You need to help yourself.

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And what do you want me to say if I have the same problem since a week?

If you did not take any action, do you think the issue will go away by itself?

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I (still) see an HTTP 500 error on your website.

Since you posted a copy of the .htaccess file, you clearly have access to your files, so you need to follow the articles that have been posted here before.

I’ll post them again below:

Note that we are not going to fix this for you, that’s not our job. Part of having a website it being willing to fix it when things go wrong. If you get stuck, we are here to help, but you need to tell us specifically where you are stuck, and what you have tried to fix the problem.


So if these problems are from Hosting and they are not your problems, what are the problems that are your problems?

And on the other hand, if I could solve it, I would have solved it for a long time without asking you so-called technical support who are inundating the clients.

Free hosting comes with limits. The reason you are seeing those issue is because you have likely hit those limits. That’s why we provided you with articles to work around it

There is no technical support. Tech support cost money.
We are only a group of volunteers who are end users like you.
That’s why this is a community forum. We can only offer you solutions to the issue
that you are facing. Key thing is you must take action yourself.
If you not willing to do that, please switch to other paid hosting options


I use this free hosting because 1 it’s my first website and my first time dealing with hosting 2 it’s a trial.

Now, how do you think I’m going to put my money in a so-called association that has no responsibility where neither those who are in free form, nor those who are in paid form, are in the same misfortunes?

Great! We try to be as friendly and helpful as we can to new users and people that haven’t quite figured out all of the bells and whistles and features of free hosting yet.

Hm? Our hosting is not a trial; it is free hosting that you can use for however long you want and you will have to pay nothing, no credit card needed. Here’s a quote from pointing it out:

Is InfinityFree a demo, trial or sample for premium hosting?
Absolutely not! InfinityFree is fully featured, completely free website hosting. We provide promotional offers for alternative, premium services for people looking for more, but their services are very different. InfinityFree is not a representation of these offers.

We are very willing to help you if you can try to accept the help.

I don’t like to tread in these metaphorical murky waters, but sometimes it is necessary for the sake of stopping the spread of confusion and anger:

It is possible that our hosting is at fault, but in my experience in viewing other users’ problems like this is that the user did something like install a bad plug-in, an update that failed, or something else, and that the hosting is rarely at fault.

This is a bit ironic. Six days ago, community members provided you with a solution to which you replied, “I can’t do this tricky job because I don’t know tech,” and here you say that if we had provided you with a solution (note, we did) that you would have gone through with it, but it seems that you didn’t. I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m being a little nitpicky or hasty.

We don’t expect you to give anyone your money if you don’t want to; it’s your money, it’s your choice to spend it or not. Just remember, like @KangJL pointed out, that we are unpaid volunteers giving our time to help people; paid support is paid to sit and help you (more comprehensively). Even though lots of things on the platform are out of our scope, we still try to provide the most accurate, detailed, and helpful information possible, and this is the same for our partner, iFastNet, and I’m sure other hosting companies—free or paid—as well.

So (TL;DR) let’s refrain from name-calling, false/empty/null accusations, and try to stick to the facts so that we can provide quick, kind, and focused support, and keep our forum clean and in order.

So, we’ll try to help you, but we’ll just need an update on your situation. Did you upload the missing WordPress files? Is there still an HTTP 500 error? Did you change your .htaccess? Have you done any other troubleshooting and if so what—and what were the results? What else have you changed?
If you can answer each of these with a definitive answer, then we should be able to give you high-quality, kind, and (hopefully) fast support.



You think it’s normal, after 8 months of work to be able to create my website then it breaks in a second and you don’t want to solve the problem to recover the website?

But you don’t say if technical support is not included?

Yes, what we are providing right now is community support through forum.
So you need to do your part. It cannot only work one way.

Start by answering to below questions…


no I don’t do

talk to you about

Configure php directives

PHP directives for

Display Errors Off On
MB String Input
PHP Timezone?

Did you forget?

Answer is here

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Reply will still be the same