The primary domain cannot be used

The default addon domain has been deleted. Now the htdocs in the home directory does not work and the directory cannot be defined
The primary domain cannot be used.
Only other addon domains can be set.

I can also put the file in htdocs directory. Because currently, HTTPS jump back fails. I can only prefix myself and will not jump by default

I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand your message.

Yes, only the initial domain name of your account is assigned to the main htdocs directory. Domain names added afterwards as Subdomains or Addon Domains get their own directories. If you deleted your initial domain name, the main htdocs folder is no longer accessible from the web.

But of course you can still host a website from the htdocs folder of the specific domain, and you can also move the files from the main htdocs folder to the domain specific htdocs folder and continue with your existing site from there.


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