The page isn’t redirecting properly

I create two web hosting and using ftp to upload some php program. The first few day is ok. when I start to edit some php finish. I am using firefox or ie. to open it. I get some error message “The page isn’t redirecting properly”

this two address is

who know how to fix this problem. thanks

No expert, but most likely it’s a code bug or settings reconfiguration that creates too many redirects,
If you ask me, just go over your site names variables like site_name, app_name,host_name…
and check if they don’t have the same name.One should be with www.* and another without www
domain names, other then that I would look at the code again and look for redirects and see If I haven’t made some kind of condition to redirect me endlessly (recursion)… last resort If you are using backups to and you remember the last time it worked correctly load the backup and check if it fixed it, and then analyze the code for the issue.Hope I could help you and ,Best of luck fixing the issue.

I’m not sure why it happens but I can see what happens.

Your website is configured to redirect people to https. However, even when trying to visit your website over https, your website tells the browser to visit the https URL instead.

Usually, this is caused by a script not detecting properly whether https is in use or not. But I haven’t checked your script how it checks whether https is used or why it breaks.

I create three domain. two is working. one is not work. same configuration. I don’t why. setup step same.

    (this two is working)
    (non working)

three domain program is same. no differest. I don’t know why.???

I have checked and best I can tell the script on it is broken. A few HTML elements are returned by the script, but the PHP script probably crashes somewhere and doesn’t show any errors.

And I’m sorry, but I’m not going to spend hours picking apart your website code to figure out why it breaks.