The package could not be installed. The PHP version on your server is 7.4.8, however the uploaded

How to upgrade PHP version to 8.0


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The only way right now would be migrating your website to a different Infinityfree account.


I have created a new account and then see the site that appears

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Hi Ibrahim2006i,

The next step after creating a new account is to upload your site to it.

I can’t enter to WordPress admin to upload the site

Hi Ibrahim2006i,

To upload a WordPress website, obtain both FTP and database info from both your old hosting and InfinityFree client area, then transfer everything from the old place to IF. When you do so, make sure to adjust the settings in the wp-config.php file to have the database info match those on IF client area.

Once that’s done, you should be able to login.


Please keep the discussions about a particular issue to that topic. For the 404 error, let’s keep the posts in this topic:


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