The Name of my Redirection Domain is changed always

Username (e.g. epiz_ 28231568) or

So guys I have a question and would be very grateful if someone can help me.

I just bought a Top-Level-Domain (.de) at STRATO and then recognized that i can’t change the Nameservers, so I thought why don’t just make a 301 Redirect. Now my Problem is, that always I’m opening it changes the whole thing to . I’ve made my website with the WordPress cms. And just researched for nearly 4 hours how to fix this problem, but I didn’t found anything. I’m greatful for any help. By the way with the proxy and frame protocol you get the same results.
Have a nice day and thanks!

Hi, @JAKOB123,
From what you said above, it looks like you want your new domain ( to redirect to a different website because you cannot change nameservers. Right now, your site is redirecting to Can you please explain where you want to redirect to?


That’s because you’re using a 301 redirect. It redirects from your .de domain to your .ml domain.

If you simply want to show the same content from your domain to your other domain then this may be achieved by using A or CNAME records.


Hey @UnknownLolz,
Thanks again for your fast answer! I’ve changed now the A and AAAA Record and its showing a Cloudfare 1001 Error. Does A or AAAA only works without cloudfare? Do I have to disable clodfare, or can I still work with cloudfare and have to change something in my Cpanel or Cloudfare Panel.
Wish you a pleasant day and thank you again for helping me!

You only need to change A or CNAME record

Where did you make the change? CF dns or domain registrar?
If using CF, changes shd be made within CF.

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I’ve made the A and AAAA changes at my domain registrar. I am not able to change any DNS Settings in Cloudfare. It says that this area is controlled by Byethost

By the way I’ve changed the AAAA entry now to normal and just inserted a A Record

Do not use CF from VPanel. This is the only way to add A record to CF

Do I have to deactivate CF at VPanel and then reactivate it at

Exactly. InfinityFree’s Cloudflare integration it’s not working as it should.
Deactivate it in InfinityFree’s panel and activate it in Cloudflare directly.

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Please wait up to 72 hours for DNS changes to update throughout the internet.

You need to also add an “A record” with the same content (IP address) as that one but with the name “@” (without the quotes).
As you have it now, it’s only working for the subdomain “” and not for the domain “”.

UPDATE: When I wrote the above comment I had not seen the first screenshot. Just the second. You can ignore my comment.

Did you change the name servers of your domain to the ones Cloudflare asked you to?
A simple whois on your domain shows that your name servers are:

These are not the ones from Cloudflare and you will not be able to manage your DNS records from Cloudflare without changing your name servers to theirs first.

Okay guys, now I am badly confused.
I’ve added both domains via nameservers to Cloudfare and deleted in both profiles all the entries under the DNS Section. What do I have to enter at which domainprofile ( and ) that this whole thing works properly.
I would be thankful for any help!
Thanks, Jakob

I don’t think you can host your .de domain with us.

Even though you can point the domain name to our servers, our servers don’t know which account and website that domain name is related to. To do that, you need to add the domain to a hosting account. And to add the domain to a hosting account, you must change the nameservers of your domain to point to our servers first.

The .de extension is specifically listed in our article about “annoying domain extensions which are really picky about nameservers”:


Hey @Admin thank you so much for your answer.
My goal is, that my .ml domain shows the content of my website and I want to Set Up a A Record at my CF Account to show the content of the .ml site.
The .ml site is showing the following RN DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
How do I get my .ml site to show the website conten and how do I get my .de domain to redirect to the conten of the .ml domain without changing the .de to a .ml ?
Hope you could understand my issue.
Thanks for the support here In this Forum I’m pretty grateful and waiting for ya answers!

I’ve read now multiple topics in this forum but I’m not sure. Is this the correct Cloudflare Setup?

Use the IP address assigned to your website, it can be found in

instead of

Ahhh guys with a bit of trying i managed it so far, both of my domains are running trough the cloudflare server. is working correct, but here we are at my main issue is redirecting to but it changes also the adress to .ml and doesnt keeps the .de ending. I’ve setted up as follows:

Any suggestions? Whish you a pleasant evening!