The .htaccess file has been deleted and a 404 error message appears

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(The .htaccess file has been automatically deleted from my site and I do not know why and when I try to open my site is not fully opened and error 404 appears)

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Also, several folders and files are missing
please make a complete upload of all required files

after that make a purge all on the Cloudflare cache section


I use WordPress, so the htaccess file was automatically created by WordPress, so I can’t re-upload it because I don’t have it.

Did you try to upload the missing files ?

Did you install WordPress via our Softaculous app installer (control panel) or manually?

I assume there is something wrong with your installation because many folders are missing

wp-admin doesn’t work either

if it’s a new website and you haven’t edited much - try reinstalling WP

but before that be sure to purge all on CF and test


I installed it automatically via Softaculous app installer and I was working on my site as well and the site continued with me for about a month but suddenly I am working on it there was a 404 error and when I checked all the site files existed until the file wp-admin the only file that was deleted is .htaccess, and it seems that the wp-admin file did not appear on the site is that I use the hide my wp so I will delete this plug-in via File Manager .

Well, I deleted the plug-in, and I accessed the WordPress control panel Thank you, my site is back to normal, but I wonder if I can restore the .htaccess file.

If the .htaccess file was deleted, it’s deleted.

If you’re looking to recreate the WordPress .htaccess, you can easily create a new file with the file manager with the name .htaccess, and paste the contents of the WordPress htaccess snippet into it:


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