The file manager in the control panel is incomplete

The file management in the control panel is incomplete every time the file is uploaded? Drag a folder (more than 100 files) from my computer to upload, there are only more than 10:???

How large are the files? If they are over 10mb, they will be removed because large files cannot be stored in the server.

I didn’t see it. It will certainly not exceed 10MB, because FTP software can upload all files completely, but the file management under control is incomplete. by the way. How to upload a single file larger than 10m

Are your files larger than 10MB?

Well, yes. It can UPLOAD them, it just can’t SAVE them. So they disappear.

You have to split it

The file manager doesn’t handle large archives, large files or a large number of files. It’s nice for quick edits and the like, but for more complex operation you should really use a desktop FTP client like FileZilla.

If that also doesn’t work, then please see this article for other explanations:


Then why do I upload the TXT text open after the garbled? What is the reason?

Eh, what?

One thing to watch out for is file encoding. Our servers, file managers, etc. assume that all files are UTF-8 encoded. Especially if you’re on Windows and/or the file is in a language that contains many non-latin characters, you have to make sure the file encoding is correct.

Or someone is hijacking your FTP connection and corrupting the data, of course. Which is a plausible risk if you disable TLS for FTP.

The saved TXT text is also UTF-8 encoded. But in the webpage display on the garbled, which contains a lot of Chinese, saved as ANSI encoded TXT upload can be displayed correctly.

site url?

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