The file cannot be saved

Just created a new account infinityfree and I edited the index2.html changing some only some text. The file is in htdocs folder. I used net2FTP (FTP app from infinityfree). When I try to save the file clicking in Save button the application writes in the right top corner the following: “The file couldnt be saved” and no changes are made to the file. The domain is working and the browser shows everything correctly. Can you give me some light about this? Thanks. Carlos.

if i downloaded the file and tried to upload it, the message is :“the file could be transferred to the FTP server”.

Tried to use the Monstra FTP app in infinityfree and it says: " … permission denied"

It is working. I needed to create a sub-folder in htdocs… it works. thanks

Just name your file index.html, and it works. index2.html is the name of the default index file, you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) use that name for your own site.