The extract archive operation timed out / The upload failed: 502

Hey, I’m trying to extract zip files that I’ve uploaded to infinityfree but I keep getting this error message:


I tried uploading a folder of my files but it also returns with an error “The upload failed: 502”


It is 3MB in size and it should work but it doesn’t for some reason. What can I do?

Try uploading the files with another file manager or a desktop FTP client like FileZilla and see if that works?

I also had that error when trying to extract the zipped file. In addition, I took the time to check the sha256 and compare it with the one I had on my computer and they were exactly the same. Therefore, this error is not due to the file being uploaded corrupted or damaged during the upload.

I must also say that to extract the file, I had to calculate where the extract option was in the context menu because instead of going down the menu, it was going up in the Monsta File Manager.

Size of file .ZIP upload: 8MB


Web based file manager tend to choke on extracting large archives (server timeout)

you can unzip files on your PC
and then upload part by part in the appropriate folders
retaining the existing folder structure


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