The domain name is already added to a hosting account on our platform


i keep getting this massage

The domain name is already added to a hosting account on our platform. Please remove your domain name from other free hosting providers and try again.

and i’m sure this domain is new 100%
the domain is :
i have tried several new domains but it keep saying the same thing
im wondering if /.sa can be hosted on
please help
thank you in advance

Have you ever registered to other iFastNet/Byet.Host reseller?

no its new 100%

thedomin name is

Sorry, I have no idea.
Maybe cPanel system detect it as gTLD domain (.sa) rather than standalone ccTLD domain (
So domain already register in the system.

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may be :slight_smile:
thank you any way
i hope the admin can have a look at this problem as i have seen other similar problems with

I don’t think you can host your website on That domain name doesn’t seem to offer any hosting services. As to why you cannot host it on, it appears to be some kind of error on our end.

I’ll ask iFastNet to look into this.


thank you for your kind reply,
the domain dose not have a problem i have used other free hosting providers for
and .sa domains an they seem to work fine,
this is my 2nd time trying to us the first time was about a year ago and i faced the same problem
so please have them look at the problem, i appreciate your help in advance
cheers :slight_smile:

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iFastNet claim they have fixed the issue. Can you please try to add the odmain again now?

Why do you keep going on about You’re here at, not If you have trouble with services you got through, you’re at the wrong place here.


LOL :joy:
Maybe it’s just a typo/missunderstanding.
That domain for sale.

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sorry i meant :slight_smile:

sorry i meant i, my apologize
the problem is now solved thank you so much