The domain name is already added to a hosting account on InfinityFree

My website URL is:

Error Message

The domain name is already added to a hosting account on InfinityFree. Please login to the control panel for the account to remove the domain from the existing account.

Other Information

i don’t have any other account so why i face this problem please if any account you will find related or match with my domain please remove my old one accounts because i don’t have any email id now beacuz it been 2 years passed and i don’t remeber i was added my domain in past or not so please, its my humble request to you ASAP Help Me

From what I can see, your hosting account was suspended. What kind of a site was it?

The domain is currently assigned to an account at ProFreeHost. Since we’re both using the same platform, you cannot host your website with them and us at the same time. Please login to the control panel at ProFreeHost and remove the domain from there.

And just like here: please note that deactivating an account does not release the domains names from it. If the account is deactivated, please reactivate it to be able to access the control panel and remove the domains.


can You Please Give me eligibilty to use Infinity free hosting after remove my domain from ProFreeHost

Alright, I Was deleted

its was the Blog Site on category Home n Garden related in 2021, but now i ll take care about these things

Since it was deleted, you can add the domain here.


aaah, Nice Thank You To All Infinity Free Team

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