The domain * could not be found on any of your accounts! Automatic SSL installation is not

I am getting this errors in Free SSL Certificate How Can I Solve This

I have tried this
I am using Hostinger Domain already added DNS nameserver
Added CName records in infintyfree

Hi and welcome to the forum! That is not an error; if that happens you can install the certificate manually with the instructions on this article, starting from option 2 but before that clicking on “Show” next to “Private Key and Certificate” to show private key and certificate:


It seems that something went wrong on our end and the domain of your account got deleted in the client area database, which is why the domain lookup failed. I fixed this for your account, so you can now use the automatic SSL installation.

If you, or anyone else seeing this message, has a similar issue once again, then please go to your hosting account in the client area and go to the Domains page. Check if your domain is there. If it isn’t, but you believe it should be, then click the triple dots in the top right corner of the panel, and click Update List from Account. This will update the list in the client area with what’s actually on your account, including restoring the missing domain name.


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