The configuration file does not exist.

Hello, my website was working all well and fine and i had not checked it in a few weeks as i was busy with other things. I just had a quick look but and only this comes up “The configuration file does not exist”.

Can you please provide a URL so that we can check?
Sometimes this error happens when you move the configuration file to another directory.

I’m really struggling here, ive been busy with other work so have not been on the website for like a month, just went to have a look now and had that message.

What website was it? Did you use any CMS? Did you have any config.php files?

It was a car hire website, built mainly using php

@asifhelp said:
It was a car hire website, built mainly using php

Do you mean that you wrote it yourself? If so, you should know better than anyone else in the world why your website shows this error. After all, didn’t you write it?

If not, you should ask this question to the script developer as well. Either the script bugged out and doesn’t see the config file anymore, or the config file was deleted somehow and you need to figure out how to being it back. Either way, the script developer knows the answers.

Not sure why it crashed, re-uploaded, now working